KItty Rose & The Rattlers (2017-2019)

Kitty Rose & The Rattlers Catalog (2017-2019)


“Brittle Season” (BMI/Crackerjill Music 2015) on CDBaby…

Brittle Season Cover X

“There is No God” (Crackerjill Music/2014)

Katharine Cole New CD

All Day (Single) (Crackerjill Music 2014)


“You Do, Don’t You” The Katharine Chase Band Years Compilation (9/1 Release Date)

You Do Don't You COVER FNL

“Two Years of Kindness” Kindness The Band 2000-2001

Two Years of Kindness COVER FNL copy

Katharine Cole is also a featured performer on the following releases:

Katharine as Kitty Rose “Greatest Hits” & “Live at the Ryman”


The Katharine Chase Band “The Truth”

Kindness “Kindness”

Kindness “Welcome to Planet Excellent”

Spanking Violets “Spanking Violets”

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