Hello there! This site is about my music career beginning back ten albums ago in San Francisco and Hollywood to the latest album, Brittle Season, now in Atlanta.  I currently am writing and performing rockabilly as “Kitty Rose & The Rattlers” in Atlanta and all around the South. Since this incarnation, I have recorded at Sun Studios, Memphis, release two vinyl singles and several videos as Rockabilly Kitty Rose. 


I’ve been writing, singing and performing professionally since age 13 when I appeared at the Superdome in New Orleans (I like to start small). I have shared the stage with Kris Kristofferson, Cake, Train, Third Eye Blind, 4 Non Blondes, X, Dead Kennedys, Southern Culture on the Skids, Amanda Marshall, Hootie & The Blowfish, Lisa Loeb, and even Aaron Tippen, to name a few. My latest CD “Brittle Season” was in the first round nominations for this year’s Grammy’s for Best Americana Song and Best Roots Album. I have toured across the United States and Europe with major label support as a member of Penelope Houston’s touring band, and I myself was signed to MCA back, well, let’s say way back when. Somewhere in there I had time to get my BA in Voice from UCLA, too. I’m now based out of Atlanta, Georgia and performing only when it’s gonna be a dang good time – so if you can catch a live show, I hope you’ll have a “dang good time” as well.



Listen:   No One But the Moon


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  1. Patty and I both listened to your song “No one but the Moon” song. I love it, she loves it, so four thumbs up! Ha
    You have some great guitar going on! I am playing again, so might try and play your song soon, gotta get Miss Red Head to sing it though cause she can! Pretty cool you got to ride to Sturgis this year. Love the pics!!!

  2. Great show yesterday, Feb 2. Thank you! Who is the artist on What’s Going On? I missed the name.
    Marc (in Willits)

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